About Us

For the past 34 years, Jim Blair has served numerous Chattanoogans in a variety of capacities to buy and sell furniture, antiques, collectibles, and almost anything else you might imagine in your home. In the early days, Jim would travel buying and selling at conventions, shows, flea markets, yard sales, and occasionally stopping for a roadside jewel left to neglect. Jim's passion is to offer unique items; things that people not only place on a shelf, but also cherish and bring new light into their home.

Jim's wife, Kathy, has managed to weather her intense and energetic husband's passion and has created her own niche in the process. Kathy serves as the chief decorator and staging coordinater for the business. Her vision and attention to detail is the basis for our business image and style. Placement, angle, and spacing of Kathy's decorating is always tasteful and inventive. Above and beyond her skills lies her endless spirit of positivity and universally agreeable personality.

At an early age a curiosity also stemmed in their son, Justin, who often traveled alongside, having fond memories of hunting down items from dad's treasure list. His love for all things rare and unusual ignited during his time in college, studying business and learning how this discipline could overlap with his enthusiasm for home decor. Despite his fathers initial urgings for another career path, Justin caught hold of his father's vision for the future and has added another valuable layer of experience and energy to the family business.